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  • Κωδικός/Model: TOPA0910
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 30Kgr
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: TopFlite

Cessna 310 ARF
Cessna 310 ARF
Scale detail, twin-engine power -- and ARF ease.

Introduced in 1954, the full-size Cessna 310 remained in production for 27 years. Clearly, Cessna was doing something right. Top Flite Gold Edition models enjoy a similarly strong demand -- and this nearly 1/5 scale ARF twin's quality and detail show why.

  • Constructed of premium woods, high-quality fiberglass, and genuine MonoKote® covering -- assembles in only 30-45 hours!
  • Impressively detailed, with cockpit interior, aluminum spinners, concealed linkages, preinstalled lighting system, and a retract option.
  • Prebuilt wing halves slide onto an aluminum joiner and bolt to the fuselage -- easy to remove for transport and reattach at the field.
  • Two aluminum spinners top off each engine nacelle, just like on the full-size Cessna 310.

Cockpit interior
IMAA-legal dimensions
Fiberglass construction
The included cockpit interior with pilot figure hides the internal structure and radio gear. Scale realism -- and assembly ease -- are further enhanced with preinstalled cockpit windows. Top Flite has taken maximum advantage of the Cessna 310's large, IMAA-legal dimensions to include an extraordinary amount of realistic detail.  Fiberglass construction captures every graceful line of the full-size Cessna's fuselage. At the tail is a hatch that offers easy access to the model's internally concealed elevator and rudder controls.

Lighting package included
Fixed landing gear is included with the Cessna 310 ARF. For even greater realism you can also install optional scale Robart retracts (ROBQ1624), which plug into the same mounts that the fixed gear use.  Engine thrust has been carefully engineered so that the model remains controllable even if one engine quits during flight. You'll still be able to bring it in for a safe, "no sweat" landing.  Purchased separately, you might pay more than $100 for a lighting system -- but it's already included with the Cessna 310, pre-wired and installed! Lights are included for the nose, tip tanks, and tail surfaces.

Stock Number: TOPA0910
Wingspan: 81 in (2057mm)
Wing Area: 914 in 2 (58.9dm2)
Weight: 17-19 lb (7.7-8.6 kg)
Wing Loading: 43 - 50 oz/ft2 (131 - 153g/dm2)
Fuselage Length: 66 in (1680mm)
Requires: Two .46 cu in (7.5cc) 2-stroke engines & minimum 6-channel radio w/8 servos (8-9 channel radio w/9 servos required for optional retracts)
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Top Flite MonoKote / IMAA Legal

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