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  • Κωδικός/Model: COOP1620
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 4.5Kgr
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: MORGAN FUEL

This is a One Gallon Bottle of Sidewinder Race Blend
(20% Nitro / 12% Oil) Model Engine Fuel by Morgan Fuels.

FEATURES: SIDEWINDER fuel is dyno-engineered from the ground up to give you
crisp transition and ballistic top end.
Contains MTEC combustion enhancer to make your engine start easier
and run smoother.
CP-07 reduces friction by as much as 85% causing less drag. This
allows your engine to turn-up faster and higher.
The high thermal stability base stock fluid won't break down even
under racing's severe conditions.
Morgan's AAA Cleaner Castor oil helps to protect your engine with
greater film strength and much higher load bearing capacity. Most
racers notice a 20-30 degree drop in cylinder head temperature
meaning less wear and more life for your engine.
Film strength additives that act to prevent scuffing or scoring of
metal parts.
Extreme pressure additive that prevents sliding metal surfaces from
seizing under conditions of extreme pressure.
A compounded lubricant having the property of keeping insoluble
matter in suspension thus preventing its deposition where it would
be harmful. It also re-disperses deposits already formed.
Anti-oxidants and igniters.
Only Angus Nitrofuel used which is made in the USA.
High Power Methanol has a minimum purity 99.97%; therefore, your
engines run cooler and produce more power.
Rust inhibitor for protecting lubricated metal surfaces against
chemical attack by moisture.
Anti-Foamer to help prevent bubbles from foaming in the fuel, and
help your engine to run better at all settings.
This fuel is red in color.

INCLUDES: 1-One Gallon Bottle of Sidewinder Racing Blend Fuel

SPECS:    Nitromethane: 20%
Castor Oil:   12%
Volume: 1 US Gallon  (3.78 Liters)

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