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  • Κωδικός/Model: GPMM3010
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 1Kgr
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: GREATPLANES

This is the Great Planes Electrifly PolyCharge DC Powered 1-3 Cell Lithium Polymer Battery Charger. FEATURES: Designed for 1-3 cell Lithium-Polymer batteries ONLY (not for Lithium Ion batteries) Ideal for small electrics-Park Flyers and small to medium 3D airplanes or helis 250 and 500 and 1000mA selectable charge current Warning indicators for voltage input errors, output reverse polarity and open circuit errors High intensity blue LED status indicator for voltage input errors, output reverse polarity, and open circuit errors One year limited warranty (USA and Canada only) INCLUDES: One Great Planes 1-3 Cell Lithium Polymer Battery Charger with 7.5A fuse, alligator input clips, red 2-pin output connector and instruction sheet REQUIRES: 12V power supply such as HCAP0250. Do not apply more than 15V to the charger input as permanent damage could result. SPECS: Input Voltage: 11-15V DC Battery Types, # Cells: 1-3 Lithium-Polymer cells (3.6-11.1V Li-Po) Fast Charge Current: 250, 500, 1000mA Fast Charge Termination: "constant current/constant voltage" Status Indicators: High intensity blue LED, audible buzzer Input Connectors: Alligator clips Case Size: 2.2" x 0.9" x 3.5" (56mm x 23mm x 89mm) Weight: 4.35oz (123g) Length of Input Lead: 27" (686mm) Length of Output Lead: 4" (102mm) COMMENTS: Important! Always charge a Li-Po battery in a fireproof location. NEVER leave the battery unattended during charging.

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