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  • Κωδικός/Model: FJIG0089
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 3Kgr
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: Fuji Imvac

This is the Fuji Imvac BT-86EI Twin Cylinder Gasoline Engine
                           with Electronic Ignition.
                     For large scale aircraft applications.

FEATURES: The EIS (Electronic Ignition System) uses a 4.8V receiver battery to
            to produce spark.
            A sensor automatically detects RPM and adjusts timing for easier
              more reliable starts.
            System requires less effort to spin the prop, is lighter in weight
              for less vibration and rotating mass on crankshaft.
          CNC machined using highly-specialized state-of-the-art equipment,
            for better overall quality and a tighter parts fit.
          Walbro carburetor
          True chrome-plated cylinder
          Dynamic balancing of flywheels, prop hubs, and crankshafts
          Throttle linkage for R/C use, engine is ready for installation into
            giant scale airplanes, with no conversions necessary
          THREE YEAR limited warranty

INCLUDES: BT-86 EIS engine, ignition module, 50mm EIS prop flange with prop
            washer, 10mm prop bolt, 10mm prop bolt with inner threading,
            engine mount, 2 mufflers with gaskets, four 5mm x 22mm screws
            with washers and lock washers, five 5mm x 12mm screws with lock
            washers, spark plug wrench, 4mm hex wrench, thread locking compound
            and instruction manual

REQUIRES: Propeller, fuel filter for gasoline
          EIS battery, FJIP9925

SPECS:    Displacement: 5.2 cu in (86.0cc)
          Practical RPM Range: 1100-8500
          Output: 7.5bhp @ 8500 RPM
          Weight-Engine Alone: 5.7lbs (2600g)
          Weight-Engine, Mufflers & Bolt, EIS,Prop Flange & Bolt: 6.6lbs (2990g
          Recommended Propeller: 26 x 10 (ZINQ2014)

          Distance/center of crankshaft and carb bolt: 4.8" (123mm)
          Distance/center of crankshaft to end of muffler: 4" (103mm)
          Distance from end of ignition system to end of flange: 6.7" (171mm)
          Distance from end of ignition system to ignition coil: 2.9"  (74mm)
          Distance from center of muffler pipe to center of carb: 3.4" (87mm)
          Distance from spark plug boot to crankshaft center: 5" (126mm)
          Distance from end of cylinder head to crankshaft center: 4.2" (108mm)

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