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  • Κωδικός/Model: DTXD9862
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 10Kgr
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: DURATRAX

This is the 1/5 scale Gasoline Powered, Radio Controlled, Ready-to-Run
                    DuraTrax Firehammer MT Monster Truck.

  Just add 2-cycle oil and gasoline and you're ready to go. No long break-in
         and no special equipment needed such as glow plugs, igniter
                               or starter box.
              Run times of over 1/2 hour on a single tank of gas.

FEATURES: Chassis: 0.16" (4mm) thick aluminum with protective roll cage
          Drive: Rear wheel drive
          Drive Type: Shaft
          Engine: 2-stroke DuraTrax 1.40 cu in (23cc) gasoline engine DTXG02700
           w/ pull-starter and push-button kill switch for added safety
          Exhaust: Steel muffler DTXG0614, exits left side of vehicle
          Air Filter: Foam 2-stage with blue aluminum cover requires air filter
            oil (DTXC2465)
          Radio: Futaba Magnum Junior T2PEKA 2-channel FM 75MHz with steering
            and throttle ATV metal gear throttle and brake servo, 1/4 scale
            metal gear steering servo, 5-cell 1800mAh NiCd receiver battery,
            charge jack and also a built-in Failsafe unit (DTXM4000) that
            returns engine to idle if battery power is low, if transmitting is
            low or during any radio frequency interference
            For replacement throttle servo horn use a standard spline two
              arm inline horn, FUTM1980
            For replacement steering servo horn use a 1/4 scale two arm inline
          Fuel Tank: 15.2oz (450cc)
          Clutch: Two shoe
          Ball Bearings: Full set included, 14 total
          Shocks: Four adjustable, oil-filled, aluminum body with coil-over
          Main Gear: 48 tooth reinforced plastic
          Differential: Hardened steel bevel gear type
          Brakes: Composite fiber, dual disc
          Tires: 7" (177mm) outer diameter, 4.5" (114mm) wide with foam inserts
          Wheels: 4.77" (121mm) diameter, 3.16" (80mm) wide, white in color,
            composite plastic construction
          Body: Fully trimmed monster truck body with clear windows
          Bumper: Front, plastic
          Suspension: Adjustable four wheel independent
          Camber Tie Rods: Adjustable, camber describes the angle at which the
            wheels sit vertically
          Steering Tie Rods: Adjustable, caster/toe-in describes the angle at
            which the wheels point inward as viewed from above
          Steering: Bell crank type
          Servo Saver: Included
          Warranty Period: 90 day limited on vehicle, 1 year on Stress Tech
            parts, 3 year limited warranty on engine

INCLUDES: DuraTrax Firehammer 1/5 scale with aluminum shocks, 1.40 (23cc)
            2-stroke gasoline engine, Futaba 2-channel radio with 1/4
            scale steering servo, standard throttle servo, failsafe, 1800mAh
            receiver battery, 120V wall charger, decals, extra servo wheels,
            plug wrench illustrated instruction manual and body

REQUIRES: Unleaded regular octane gasoline
          2-stroke engine oil
          Air filter oil (DTXC2465)

SPECS:      Vehicle-
          Length:           27" (686mm)
          Width:            20.9" (530mm)
          Height:           12.5" (317.5mm)
          Weight:           21.75 lbs (9.86kg) ready to run
          Wheelbase:       18.75" (476mm) wheels on-center front-to-rear
          Front Tread:     15.5" (394mm) wheels on-center side-to-side
          Rear Tread:      15.9" (403mm) wheels on-center side-to-side
          Front Track:     18.75" (476mm) outer edge of tires
          Rear Track:      19.1"  (485mm) outer edge of tires
          Ground Clearance: 3.1" (79mm)
          Tires-Front and Rear: 7" (144mm) outer diameter x 3.16" (80mm) wide
          Gasoline/Oil Mix: 25:1 for break-in (4%) (5oz per 1 gallon)
                            40:1 for normal running (2.5%) (3.2oz per 1 gallon)
          Length:           19" (482mm)
          Width:           7.3" (185mm) at rear wheels (widest point)
          Height:          5.1" (130mm)


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