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  • Κωδικός/Model: TOPA0706
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 17Kgr
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: TopFlite

This is the Radio Controlled, Gasoline Powered, Almost Ready to Fly,     
                ARF Giant Scale FW-190 Airplane from Top Flite.               
                            IMAA Legal 85" Wingspan.                          
FEATURES: Construction: Balsa and ply                                         
          Wings: Two-piece balsa and ply                                      
          Covering: Top Flite Monokote                                        
          Aileron Control: Dual servo                                         
          Cowl: Painted fiberglass with molded exhaust ports and plastic radial
            engine detail                                                     
          Fuel Tank: Approximately 16oz (473cc)                               
          Spinner: Aluminum 4" (102mm) diameter                               
          Wheels: 5" (127mm) foam main wheels, 1.5" (38mm) tailwheel,         
            fiberglass tailwheel cover                                        
          Warranty: Top Flite Model Manufacturing Company guarantees this     
            kit to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship at  
            the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component  
            parts damaged by use or modification.                             
INCLUDES: Prebuilt Wing, Fuselage and Tail Sections, Fuel Tank, Spinner, Decals
            Cannons, Antenna Mounts, Cockpit Kit, Main and Tail Wheels, and   
            and Instruction Manual                                            
REQUIRES: Radio: 7-8 ch, 8-ch or more highly recommended for best performance 
          Servos; Elevators: 2 (min. 50oz-in torque)                          
                  Rudder: 1 (min. 50oz-in torque)                             
                  Ailerons: 2 (min. 50oz-in torque)                           
                  Flaps: 2 (min. 50oz-in torque)                              
                  Tail Steering: 1 (min. 50oz-in torque)                      
                  Tail Gear Retract: 1 (min. 50oz-in torque)                  
                  Throttle: 1 (standard)                                      
                  Retract: 1 (micro)                                          
                  Optional Choke: 1 (standard)                                
          Y-Harness: Four 6" for elevator, rudder/steering, alierons and flaps
          12" Extension: Two for flaps                                        
          24" Extension: Two for ailerons                                     
          Heavy Duty Switch Harness: Two                                      
          Receiver Battery: 4.8V at least 2400mAh                             
          Retracts: Pneumatic and electric main gear retracts and mechanical  
            tail gear                                                         
          Engine: 50 - 55cc gasoline only                                     
          Ignition Battery: At least 1600mAh NiMH                             
          Propeller, Building and field equipment                             
SPECS:    Wingspan: 85" (2160mm)                                              
          Wing Area: 1198 sq in (77.3 sq dm)                                  
          Weight: 22 - 24 lbs (9980 - 10880 g)                                
          Wing Loading: 42 - 46 oz/sq ft (128 - 140 g/sq dm)                  
          Length: 73.25" (1860mm)                                             
          Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical                                           
          Center of Gravity: 5-1/2" (139mm) back from the leading edge of the 
            wing at the fuselage sides                                        
          Control Throws           High Rate                  Low Rate        
           Elevator Up/Down     7/16" (11mm) 11°           5/16" (8mm) 8°     
           Rudder Right/Left   2"     (51mm) 27°         1-1/2" (38mm) 19°    
           Ailerons Up/Down     7/8"  (22mm) 18°           5/8" (16mm) 13°    
           Flaps                               2" (51mm) 35°                  
COMMENTS: Following are the colors of the Monokote covering used to cover this
            model and order numbers for 6' rolls;                             
            White (TOPQ0204)             Flat Olive Drab (TOPQ0510            
            Cub Yellow (TOPQ0220         Flat Dove Gray (TOPQ0511)            
            Flat Black (TOPQ0508                                              
          Following is the complete list of items required to install Robart  
             TFFW190 Pneumatic Retractable Main Landing Gear, ROBQ1658        
             TFFW190E Electric Retractable Main Landing Gear, ROBQ1657        
             #160 Retractable Tail Gear Assembly, ROBQ2220                    
             #157VRX Air Control Kit, ROBQ2305                                
             #169 Red and Purple Pressure Tubing, ROBQ2369                    
             #190 Air Line Quick Disconnects, ROBQ2395                        
          If a replacemnet fuel tank is needed, the Sullivan 16oz Round Fuel  
            Tank can be used (SULQ1407). The Gasoline Conversion Kit          
            (SULQ2684) must also be purchased. Some trimming and modifications
            to the airplane may be required.                   

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