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  • Κωδικός/Model: TOPA0700
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 25Kgr
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: TopFlite

This is the Radio Controlled, Glow or Gasoline Powered, Almost Ready-to-Fly,
          Top Flite P-51D Mustang 1/5 scale Sport Model Airplane Kit.
                 For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Fliers.
                           84.5" IMAA legal wingspan

FEATURES: Construction: Fully sheeted balsa and plywood with pre-painted
            fiberglass fillets
          Wing: One-piece, built up wood frame which is then sheeted with wood
          Covering: Factory applied Top Flite MonoKote in color scheme to
            recreate WWII's "Big Beautiful Doll" flown by Col John D Landers
          Radio Compartment: Easily accessible, plywood reinforced
          Cowling: Fiberglass, Pre-Painted
          Canopy: Clear, single
          Landing Gear: Fixed heavy duty wire (¼"), but is also set up to use
            optional Robart retracts with functional landing gear doors
          Dual Wing Servos: Two servos per wing half (1 Flap, 1 Aileron)
          Spinner: 5" (127mm) Aluminum
          Cockpit Kit: Pre-Painted ABS plastic with decals
          Building Time: Ready to fly in only 25-30 hours.
          Warranty: Top Flite Models guarantees this kit free of defects
            in material and workmanship at the date of purchase.
            Warranty does not cover any component parts damaged by use or

INCLUDES: Pre-built and covered wings, fuselage and tail assemblies, pushrods,
            pre-bent ¼" (6mm) fixed main landing gear, 5" (127mm) main wheels
            2" (51mm) tailwheel, adjustable engine mount, 32oz (960cc) fuel
            tank with glow stopper (for gas use DUBQ0675,not included),
             5" (127mm) spinner, wood servo trays and wing joiner,
            extensive hardware package and photo-illustrated instructions
            also includes full set of colored decals

REQUIRES: Engine: 2.1 -2.8 cu in (34.5 - 46cc) 2-stroke
              OR  2.5 -4.3 cu in (41-70 cc) spark ignition gasoline engine
          Muffler: Pitts style
          Radio: 5 - 7 channel
          Servos: 10-11 Standard (2-Aileron, 2-Elevator, 1-Throttle, 1-Rudder,
                                 2-Flaps, 1-Tail Steering, 1-Air Control Valve)
            (a high torque servo is suggested for the rudder, but not required)
          Servo Extensions: (2) 24" Extension, (1) Dual Servo Extension
                            (4)  6" Extensions
           Y-Harness: (1) Y-harness for flaps
          Misc. Items: Glow plug, 1/4" foam rubber padding, medium fuel tubing,
            fuel filter, propeller, building and field equipment.

SPECS:    Wingspan:     84.5" (2146mm)
          Wing Area:  1245 sq in (80.3 sq dm)
          Weight:       19 - 24 lbs (8.61 - 10.88kg)
          Wing Loading: 32 - 35 oz/sq ft (98 - 107 g/sq dm)
          Length:       73.5" (1865mm)
          Airfoil: Fully-symmetrical, low-wing
          Center of Gravity: 4-9/16" (116mm) Back from the wing's leading edge
          Control Throws:         High Rate        Low Rate
            Elevator: Up & Down   9/16" (14mm)       3/8" (10mm)
            Rudder: Right to Left  1½" (38mm)          1" (25mm)
            Ailerons: Up & Down     ¾" (19mm)up        ½" (13mm)up
                                  5/8" (16mm)down    3/8" (10mm)down
            Flaps:             1-3/16" (30mm)      2-1/8" (55mm)

COMMENTS: Pilot shown inside the plane is not included.
          This kit is covered in the following Top Flite MonoKote colors:
            Aluminum (TOPQ0205) base color
            Flat Olive Drab (TOPQ0510) anti-glare
            Black (TOPQ0208) rudder, nose checkers
            White (TOPQ0204) nose checkers
            True Red (TOPQ0227) pin striping

          If retractable landing gear is desired, the following items will be
            ROBQ1635-#622-5 Landing Gear       ROBQ2305-#157VRX Air Control Kit
            ROBQ2225-#160LWC Tail Gear Assembly  ROBQ2369-#169 Tubing
            ROBQ2395-#190 Quick Disconnects      DUBQ0847-#500TL Wheel
            DUBQ0860-1¾" (45mm) Tailwheel

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