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GEE BEE .75-1.20 ARF


  • Κωδικός/Model: GPMA1326
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 7Kgr
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: GREATPLANES

Totally overpowered, incredibly disproportionate, the Gee Bee looked as though it would never get off the ground. Yet, in the Golden Age of pylon racing, no plane could lay claim to more wins or more memorable, remarkable looks. Now, yesteryear's pre-war "widow maker" returns as an easy-to-assemble ARF for the experienced sport flier. At 66" wingspan, it's easy to take to the field. And since it's modeled at nearly 1/4 scale, it's easy for the Gee Bee ARF to create an immediate sensation and a huge first impression. Delivers the outrageous looks of the original Reno Racer in just 10-12 hours! Photo-illustrated assembly instructions speed and simplify progress—Great Planes' hardware ensures quality materials and dependable performance. A true-to-scale fiberglass fuselage recreates the radically foreshortened shape without pain staking shaping work. Decals duplicate the flowing, hand-lettered look of the "Gee Bee" name—and take only minutes to apply. Features dual aileron servos mounted in-wing to shorten servo-to-control surface distance and maximize swift, strong response. SPECIFICATIONS Stock Number: GPMA1326 Wingspan: 68 in (1725 mm) Wing Area: 743 sq in (48 dm2) Weight: 11-1/4 - 12-1/4 lbs (5105 - 5555 g) Wing Loading: 34.9 - 38 oz/sq ft (106 - 116 g/dm2) Length: 45 in (1145 mm) Radio Required: 4-channel with six servos Engine Required: .91 - 1.08 cu in (15 cc - 18 cc) two-stroke or a 1.20 cu in (20 cc) four-stroke

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